Your Breathtaking Getaways In Egypt


Dahab is the perfect place to explore the underwater world and enjoy an exotic destination. It is considered one of the most popular areas for snorkeling and scuba diving. Some of the most exotic sites that attract divers from all around the world are found in Dahab such as the Blue Hole, The Canyon and Fish Bowl, The Caves and last but not least, The Lighthouse Reef. Dahab is also known for its variety in housing and accommodation options, you can find camping sites in the desert as well as 3, 4 and 5 star accomdations. Finally, the weather in Dahab makes visiting attractive all year long

Ein Sokhna

For Weekend travelers a short distance from Cairo, one and a half hour drive and one of the top getaway vacation spots on the Red Sea Coast. The spectacular high mountains, glistening sandy beaches, and clear water make Ain El Sokhna the holiday destination where you will discover the true meaning of fishing, diving, skating, and mountain climbing.

El Gouna

El Gouna is a bit like an Egyptian Venice, conveniently located 25 kilometers north of Hurghada. The town boasts a superb infrastructure and excellent services as well as natural beaches and year-round sunshine. A massive choice of things to do within the resort means you probably won’t leave it.

El Qussier

El Qussier is considered a quiet resort with sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs. The coast is lined with mangrove swamps and unspoiled bays and coves. Al Quseir is transformed into a luxuries tourist destination due to its sandy beaches and coral reefs which make it an idle place for diving and snorkeling. local officials are trying to ensure the city's heritage is kept safe. Old buildings built in the classic French and British styles, with large terraces and wooden balconies, need to be protected from being sold and demolished. An association has been set up to accomplish these goals, so that Al-Quseir can retain its wonderful old essence while emerging as a first rate tourist destination. there are many more equally interesting sites to be found in the immediate area, such as the mines at Bir Umm Fawakir, the rock pictures at Wadi Russumat, and the vast Roman settlement at Mons Claudianus.


The charm of Fayoum stems from the diversity of moods it satisfies, whether you’re craving the sanctuary of camping in the midst of nature’s serenity, or a fun weekend full of extreme sand sports. If you’re into bird-watching, sand-boarding, fishing or eating the city’s signature ducks, then you should definitely mark Fayoum as your upcoming travel destination. Among the many places to visit while you’re at this charming city is Lake Qarun, which was once considered to be a sacred place by the Greeks. Afterwards, you can stroll by Tunis Village, located near the southwest end of Lake Qarun. You also don’t want to miss Wadi al-Hitan (Valley of the Whales), home to fossil remains of the earliest, now extinct, suborder of whales. There’s also the Wadi al-Rayyan protectorate, famous for its man-made lakes and iconic waterfalls.


Hurghada City has year-round sunshine, incredibly beautiful coral reefs and dozens of exciting attractions in a laid back, relaxed atmosphere. The clarity of the water and the endless opportunities for divers make Hurghada the center for leisure tourism in Egypt and a successful destination for divers and swimmers. Even though it's known as a top-three diving destination on the planet, it still has something for everyone, even the non-divers: beach fun, extreme water sports, clubbing and golfing are only some of the options you’ll have to choose from. You can also enjoy an amazingly relaxing holiday by booking a treatment or two at one of Hurghada's best Spas. The underwater world is just right off the beach with a rich fish life. The coral reefs can be discovered by joining one of the many boat expeditions out to the nearby islands. Giftun island that houses the famous "Mahmya" and "Paradise" is the largest, and lies about 10 km from Hurghada. The island has a heavenly beach with crystal clear water and a healthy and vibrant underwater life


Makadi Bay is a desert and a mountain range. A new seaside resort developed around a picturesque bay on the Red Sea Riviera. A quieter option to neighboring Hurghada. Makadi Bay has beautiful, white sand beaches and crystal blue water a buzzing waterfront filled with quality hotel resorts gazing out across the bay. Moreover, The Bay is popular for its idyllic palm-fringed beaches, spectacular diving and an 18-hole golf course. The resort is the ideal base for sailing and diving excursions include trips to Giftun Island National Park, the Monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul or to the ancient town of Luxor, along the Nile River. In Makadi Bay, enjoy the beach, go camel or horseback riding and listen to live music at one of the many bars.

Marsa Allam

The dive sites in Marsa Alam are amongst the most important and most attractive in the Red Sea for all experienced divers. And for less experienced divers, Marsa Alam is a great relaxing spot where you get to enjoy nature at its finest. The new Port Ghalib Marina at Marsa Alam added to the location a very exclusive standing, with its luxurious hotels, resorts and berthing space for about 1000 yachts. The newly built marina offers some of the best relaxation and entertainment options on the Red Sea coast, including gourmet restaurants and tantalizing Spas. Additionally the resort houses the International Convention Centre, the only multipurpose state-of-the-art centre of its size on the Red Sea.Marsa Alam is also a world-renowned kite surfing destination, and an ideal starting point for safaris and wilderness exploration. In ancient times, the surrounding mountains were mined for gold and emeralds - today you can visit some of these ancient mines. It is located 274 km south of Hurghada city

Nile Cruise

Every river has a story to tell, and the Nile is no exception. Sail its waters on a blissful river cruise, and you'll see ancient landscapes that have changed little since pharaohs ruled the land. Boys bathe their donkeys in the river, farmers tend their lands, and families live along the banks in traditional mud brick houses, just as they have done for 5,000 years. Choose out of three your Nile Cruise Style either, Dahabiyas the wooden boats with cabins Or Nile cruise ships Or Feluccas are simple,triangular-sailed boats,carrying between six and eight passengers. Also stunning sites to see on your luxury Nile cruise not to be missed. Luxor and Karnak Temples,The Valley of the Kings Philae Temple and the Nubian Island


Nuweibaa is still a destination where you can unwind and relax away from the usual mass tourism hustle and bustle. It is also a perfect destination to go on exploration tours into the depths of the Sinai desert: explore St. Catherine’s Monastery, experience Mount Sinai trekking or explore the nearby Red Sea destinations such as Taba, Dahab and Sharm El-Sheikh.If you’re more of a laid-back traveler, imagine an afternoon nap under a palm tree or in a bamboo hut set out on the beach – a favourite among backpackers – candle-lit dinners and barbecue parties, fresh seafood feasts at the town’s local restaurants, and most of all, great shore dives just a couple of palm strokes away: this is only a glimpse of what you might experience in Nuweibaa.

Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh is the authentic Red Sea escape offering guests and residents many options from fun-in-the-sun, water sports and a thriving nightlife to tranquility and peace. Sahl Hasheesh is the authentic Red Sea escape offering guests and residents many options from fun-in-the-sun, water sports and a thriving nightlife to tranquility and peace, 15 minutes from Hurghada International Airport. Within the resort's charming arabesque-style design, guests are spoilt for choice with a unique range of top-class amenities, hotels and residences. At the center of Sahl Hasheesh is the beautiful Old Town commercial district, which hosts many international and locally branded shops, cafes and restaurants. Old Town provides a beautiful seafront promenade with an exciting atmosphere day and night. Much more you can do here, you can go for Diving, Golf, Spas, Shopping, Quad Biking, Dining, Horseback Riding and Water Sports.

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh the Sinai Peninsula, boasts the widest array of fun, exciting and even crazy water and extreme sports: besides diving, snorkeling, sailing, wind and kite-surfing, you can even try sky diving or parachuting from a helicopter on your next holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. With its stunning coral reefs and colorful fish, Sharm el Sheikh is a paradise for those who like diving and snorkeling. The famous Nature Park Ras Mohamed is a short distance away, Tiran Island lies just ahead. But Sharm has more to offer than super diving. Innumerable leisure facilities from snorkeling, water sports to golfing or quad biking in the desert are offered.


After a long drive through the barren landscape of the Western Desert, you won’t believe your eyes when you reach Siwa for the first time. See an edenic island full of mineral springs, salt lakes and endless Olive and Palm groves. For a cultural tour in Shali, the oasis' main town, check out the strange ruins of the Shali Fortress which dominate the town center and walk along sandy paths to find the Temple of the Oracle, once visited by Alexander the Great himself to consult the Oracle of Siwa. Finish your day by taking a dip at Cleopatra's Pool, where the legendary queen herself is believed to have once swum. Adventurous travelers will also get their fix of fun and excitement by heading for a safari into the great sand sea or trying out quad biking in the Western Desert of Egypt.

Soma Bay

Soma Bay one of the Red Sea’s most peaceful and luxurious holiday destination, celebrating the beauty and relaxation of the sea. In addition to its variety of diverse luxury hotels, residential developments, and stylish marina, it is home to a world-famous spa and golf course and coveted diving and kitesurfing spots. You can enjoy the year-round sunshine, idyllic beaches, blue skies and refreshing sea waters of Somabay in your long weekends holidays only four hours flight from central Europe. Soma bay’s state-of-the-art, eco-friendly infrastructure assures fulfillment of the community’s requirements of electricity, potable water and sewage treatment are based on environmentally friendly technology and designed to ensure reliability of supply.


Taba is the perfect gateway for a relaxing holiday in a spectacular scenery. Located on the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, Taba marks the location of the northern border crossing between Egypt and Israel. The town itself is a little settlement with a shopping area and a central bus station. Along the coastal road south to Nuweibaa several large hotels invite for relaxation and adventure in the most stunning scenery. The picturesque Faraon Island, a crusader castle seized by Saladin is only a stone throw away.there's more to Taba than the common sea and sun resort/diving vacation, the nearby Sinai landmarks are must-sees, and they're all only a couple of hours away. Be sure that the impressive colored canyon, the inspiring St. Catherine's Monastery and the massive Saladin fortress are all worth an escape from your resort activities. Also Taba heights has plenty to offer for your holiday, those who wish to lie back and relax and also there’s even more in the way of unique adventures, thrilling activities.

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